Our Mission

Our Mission

To advocate lifelong wellness and bridge the gap between awareness and action by providing information and opportunities for health and fitness.

To teach people the benefits of physical activity and to provide opportunities for communities to be educated about and participate in activities that contribute to wellness.

To show that misuse and disuse of the body and mind are more the cause of disability than chronological age alone.

We exist to spread the joys of fitness and wellness.

Leasing Storage Containers

We recently went through the process of leasing a storage container again, which in the past has been a huge hassle. We were actually pleasantly surprised at how much easier it was this time around. We used GP Storage Containers, based on a referral from a friend, and we will definitely be using them in the future any time we need to buy or lease storage containers.

Want to make a difference in your community?
Become a Stepping Strong Fitness Ambassador!

You will meet new friends and have fun, while getting fit and healthy. Visit the Stepping Strong page for more information on this exciting opportunity!
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Roadmap to 100 by Walter M. Bortz II, M.D.


Eat This Not That! by David Zinczenko

The Happy Body by Aniela & Jerzy Gregorek


Walk Around the House Audio CD by Jyl Batterman


Ann Smith Exercise Videos Ann Smith, 82 years old, exemplifies the value of daily exercise


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