Stepping Strong Fitness Ambassadors

Lifelong Fitness Alliance believes that peer encouragement is the strongest catalyst for people to engage in increased physical activity. We have established a grassroots network of volunteers, or Fitness Ambassadors, to provide such a catalyst.

Being a world-class athlete is certainly not a prerequisite for being a Lifelong Fitness Alliance Ambassador. Ambassadors are everyday people simply passionate about helping people stay as fit and well as possible. Do you want to make a personal commitment to improve fitness in your community? If so, Lifelong Fitness Alliance wants you! Ambassadors can choose to work with an existing organization (YMCA, Senior Centers, or Recreation Center) or organize their own weekly activity. Ambassadors interested in the Stepping Strong walking and wellness program are trained on leading a group and are supplied with a training manual and lesson plans for the 10-week program plus constant support from the LFA staff.

We like to recognize the hard work our Fitness Ambassadors do on our behalf. Each month we present a $200 gift reward to the Ambassador with the most participants in their group. We also give a $500 gift reward to the Ambassador who recruits the most volunteers in a three month period.

Working with AARP has allowed for the expansion of our program nationwide, and we are always  searching for motivated individuals to lead groups. For more information on the Stepping Strong Program, leading a Stepping Strong walking group, or assisting in any way, contact Victoria Jackson, Program Coordinator, at our toll free number ( 855) 361-8282 or email

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