“We have finished our 10 week program. With only 4 regular participants, they logged 1,251,034 steps for the 10 weeks. That includes our inspiration, Linda Maxwell, who has to carry her oxygen tank with her while she walks. The programs were thought provoking and always got a good conversation going. We are planning on starting again with a new group the first part of October. Thanks for supporting our efforts to get people walking!”–Ambassador Sherri Finley.

“I loved every minute of being an ambassador!” –Ambassador Cathy Nemerovski

“We were all quite proud to be a part of a national participation walking organization.”
–Ambassador Dee Timi

“It is low cost and has been shown to have measurable results. Not only does it encourage the participants to measure their steps, but also their intake of fruits and vegetables.”
–Ambassador Anne Langan

“Our group size varied from 12 to 16 persons depending on how well the fish were biting and other demands on our all too short summer. The sessions were always kept upbeat and fun both in class and on the road.” –Ambassador Debbie Carpenter

Meet some of our Fitness Ambassadors…

We always welcome pictures and stories of our Ambassadors and their walking groups. Please do not hesitate to send us more!

Ambassador Eugene Conrad – Stamford, Connecticut

“I want to be fit mentally and physically. That’s why I volunteered to become a Fitness Ambassador. For me, being fit means helping my wife as her main caregiver, taking care of myself, and living long enough to see our grandson graduate from college.  Our accomplishments from the 10-week Stepping Strong program made me proud. All 8 members of my group applauded the usefulness of the pedometer as a motivational tool and promised to use it daily.”

Mr. Conrad is a former marathoner (completed 5 races), current walker/jogger (10-20 miles/week), physically fit and former professor of health sciences. He also attended the 2009 AARP Convention in Las Vegas and graciously shared his experience as a Fitness Ambassador leading a walking group.

Ambassador Cathy Nemerovski – Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

“I had just turned 60 and because of my injury, I had gotten a glimpse into what it would be like to be getting older and having your body change. So I decided I wanted to focus my teaching on seniors. I find that you’re evolving as a person as you’re doing something for others; you’re on a journey together. My students give me way more than I give them. It’s a wonderful experience. This gives me the perfect platform to help people. I really enjoy inspiring people to make changes in their lives. Walking is something everyone can do.”

Cathy has also developed a very successful nutrition program, Supermarket Savvy, featured in the Happening Now page.

Joseph Diele – Westminster, Colorado

“I spent over 25 years in Engineering, most of that in management at some large corporations.  After years of travel and stress, my weight ballooned up to the point where I was starting to have some serious medical issues.  I dedicated myself to learning more about exercise and nutrition.  I put into practice what I was learning and a year later I had lost 95 lb.  That was over 3 years ago and none of the weight has come back.  I left the large company I was working at, got certified as a trainer and now have my own business helping people lead healthier lifestyles.”

Dr. Matt Piazza – Redwood City CA

Dr. Matt is a Bay Area native. He received his Bachelors in Biology at the University of California at Santa Cruz and is a 2006 graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College West in San Jose, California. Dr. Matt played volleyball for the UCSC slugs while attending school. After graduating from Chiropractic College, Dr. Matt worked with his father for two years and then headed off to Michigan to start another adventure. After a couple of years in Michigan Dr. Matt is back in the Bay Area and working as a chiropractor in Redwood City. Dr. Matt works with patients of all ages to enhance their quality of life and prevent injuries. Outside of the office Dr. Matt enjoys coaching and playing volleyball, cycling both mountain and road. Dr. Matt is very interested in health and fitness and ways to incorporate it into our busy lifestyles. You might find Matt on the tennis court or the golf course working on his game or cooking and entertaining for friends and family. He is very excited to be an Ambassador for the Stepping Strong program. His interest in health and wellness and career in the healthcare industry complement the program a great deal.
Anne Langan – Wilmington, North Carolina

“I have become increasingly concerned with the growing problems of obesity and sedentary lifestyle in America, and the impact it has in many chronic diseases. I am currently actively involved in forming a Health Policy Council in Wilmington, and have just finished a course entitled Nutrition and Behavior at the Univ. of NC at Wilmington. I have been very physically active my entire adult life, and am very conscious of a healthy diet.” Anne has been an integral Fitness Ambassador in recruiting many other Fitness Ambassadors in her community and spreading health awareness
Ambassadors Ole Olsgard & Debbie Carpenter – Anchor Point, Alaska

Debbie Carpenter, the Anchor Point Senior Center’s office manager, comes from a medical corporation team leader background and a life long history in physical fitness and training.  Ole Olsgard, President of the Anchor Point Senior Center, comes from a background in Alaska commercial fishing and oil field mechanical engineering with a commitment to long hours of physically demanding work. “Our group size varied from 12 to 16 persons depending on how well the fish were biting and other demands on our all too short summer. The group started with several men who quickly wimped out leaving only Ole surrounded by 15 lovely senior gals. The sessions were always kept upbeat and fun both in class and on the road.”

Ambassador Dee Timi – Joplin, MO

Dee Timi leads the Stepping Strong program through Freeman Health System Advantage in Joplin, Missouri where she is the Supervisor of Senior Services. Referred by AARP magazine, LFA’s walking program was an activity that fit perfectly with the senior organization to encourage walking fitness.

Tiffany Lesley – Wilmington, North Carolina

Tiffany Lesley is one of our younger Stepping Strong Ambassadors. She led a walking group of eight people that finished the 10-week program in November. They walked in a beautiful area and her participants have had very positive results from the program. Tiffany wanted to encourage more exercise among seniors in her community.

Alicia Collins, Sherri Finley, & Dr. Jane Graebner  – Strander, Ohio

Dr. Jane Graebner is a podiatrist in Delaware, Ohio. Alicia and Sherri are both part of her staff. “We have done the Stepping Strong Program once and are planning to start again in the Spring. We are aiming for April 14, which is National Start Walking Day. Another goal we have is to hopefully have a group ready to do the 60 mile walk in Cleveland July 31 to Aug 2. It has been a great experience for us to be a part of just getting people up and walking.”

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